Hi everyone. I am hoping someone can help me out.
Here is the situation, I have a course that contain a quiz slide like multiple choice and multiple response. Each option contains some weight like 0,1,2.
Initial multiple choice quiz slide contain branching like if i click 1st or 3rd option it will go to 3rd question,if i click 2nd or 4th option it will go to 4th slide.

In multiple choice question i have used score by choice option but in case of multi response there is no such option available. So i used custom variable to add weight of multi response options.

Here are the issues which i am facing:

Issue 1: If i completed the course, SCORM shows result 92% because we are skipping 2 slide as per functionality. Is there any way to overcome this problem with this functionality?

Issue 2: Total slide contains 51 points(32 for multiple choice and 19 for multiple response).  At the result slide i have used the custom variable for displaying result. But i am unable to send the value of custom variable on LMS.
SCORM showing result on the basis of multiple choice (32 marks). How to change the LMS score and Status and Score Percentage on the basis of custom variable?

Issue 3: I have used java script for emailing the content what i have typed in a text entry box and it's working well. But the problem is that it opens a blank tab at the same time. How to prevent from opening a blank tab.

I am attaching story file for reference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Ravi for reaching out here - and sending custom score variables or the use of Javascript is not something that our team can offer support for, so hopefully others in the community are able to weigh in and assist! The results slide's built in functionality will need to calculate all the questions you've included for scoring regardless of if the user saw them - there isn't a different option in Storyline currently, although you're welcome to request a change in behavior as a feature request. 

Ravi Singh

Hi Christoph, Could you please help for SCORM 2004.

It gives desire result in SCORM 1.2, but in case of SCORM 2004 it is not working properly.
My project contains 51 points.  If i get 51 out of 51 then it shows 51% in SCORM 2004 but with the same functionlity in SCORM 1.2 it shows 100% if i get 51 point. What are the setting i need to do?

This project is near about to close but due to SCORM 2004, it stucked.

Ravi Singh

Ya Ofcourse. I am attaching storyfile for this.

I did this:

var player = GetPlayer();
var intScore = player.GetVar("CustomResult_Score");
var intScore1 = intScore*100;
var intScore2 = intScore1/19;
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(intScore2, 19, 0);
if(intScore2 <= 9)

This above code give me exact result.