SCORM Tracking-which option to choose if learners have to view all slides AND pass a quiz in order to complete a course

Feb 22, 2021

I have read everything I can find and watched many videos on SCORM/LMS tracking and I am still confused by this. I'm feeling more than a bit dumb so I really hope someone will be kind and help clarify for me!

The Scenario:

I have a storyline 360 course with a quiz where learners have to achieve 100% to pass. Also there are 2 slides after the Quiz Results slide that I also want them to view before the course will be marked as complete.

So there are two conditions for the course to be marked as Complete-Pass the Quiz and view all the slides.

The confusion:

For Tracking, I can choose the options:

1) When a Learner has viewed all slides or,

2) When the learner completes a quiz

If I select option 1, the quiz results do not get reported!

If I select option 2, and they exit without viewing the last 2 slides, the course still gets reported as complete!

If I select both options the quiz gets reported but the course says complete even if they exit out after the quiz!

I have tested this with all different combinations on the SCORM cloud site and I am now going around in circles without getting the correct result I need.

Also I really don't understand the 4 different reporting status:

Passed/ Failed




For my scenario should I choose Passed/Incomplete? Or could anyone explain in very easy to understand way what each of them actually means?

Honestly this is making me want to weep today!

I am using Storyline 360 and will be publishing to SCORM 2004 and then importing into Moodle v3.9.3.

We are only going to be using SCORM activities in Moodle so it's imperative that I set these up correctly. Any advice will be most greatly appreciated :-)

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sandy

To meet the requirements of the user passing the quiz with a 100% score and viewing the 2 slides after the quiz, do this:

  • Set up the program so the user can't advance to the last slide until after they pass the quiz. The quickest way to do that is to control the Next button on the Results slide. Add a trigger to the Failure layer that disables Next. And add a trigger to the Success layer that enables Next. 
  • Add a message to the Success layer that explicitly states the user is not done with the course yet. 
  • Set the reporting status to slides-viewed. (Or you could put a completion trigger on the last slide, and report based on that.) 

With the above set-up, the program won't report the user's score to the LMS. However, since they can only get to the last slide with a score of 100%, you'll know they got that score if they completed the course.

As for the Passed/Failed, etc. reporting options, you can find more info in the following thread. Or search the Forum for similar posts. 


Oh thank you Judy, you are a superstar! I know how to do what you suggest so I will give it a go.

And thank you for the link which I have read through (with all the associated further links!) and I can see that there is a whole world of confusion out there about the 4 reporting statuses!

So now I'm not feeling so dumb!

Your website is fab by the way and I have previously picked up some very useful tips for using Storyline, many thanks for sharing :-)