Scorm Tracking with Moodle LMS

Good day Articulate community.  Can anyone explain how the Articulate Scorm 1.2 files are handled by the LMS (we are using Moodle V2). 

We have scorm courses with questions that are writing to a Results Slide.  When users enter the course and have completed several sections (including the questions), if there is slow connectivity or if a user is timed out of the LMS the correct score does not display on the LMS Gradebook.  It seems that results are being lost.  I need to understand how the scorm manifest and associated files speak to the LMS.  Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction.  I am also in touch with the Moodle Support team.

Thank You

PS: Are there specific guidelines that we have to follow when designing elearning for scorm in terms of grading/tracking and resuming?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Natalie, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

While I will have to defer to the Moodle users in our community to answer your questions, I wanted to provide the following as general LMS information you may find handy:

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Troubleshooting LMS Issues

Please feel free to share any updates you receive from the Moodle Support Team also, as others may find them to be of use. 

Natalie Santos

Good day Articulate Community.  I am still struggling to find a solution to our Scorm Articulate courses delivered via our LMS(Moodle) where the course pages do not respond and users arent able to resume or scores are not being saved.  We are experiencing slow network connectivity in our environment which is currently being investigated. Is there any way to optmise the Articulate Scorm packages for slow network connections to allow for a better user experience.  We are using Storyline 2 and Moodle V2.7

Please refer to the attached error that users are getting.

Natalie Santos

Good day,  I have tested my Articulate Storyline course on Scorm Cloud and all seems to test well except that I no ticed the following:

When I complete a specific section and anwer the questions for that section, the section is marked as Complete.  I exit the course and Scorm Cloud registers the percentage up to that point which is correct.  For example 23.7%.  When I resume the course it resumes to the correct place, I then continue more sections, answer more questions and exit the course again.  The result is displayed on the Scorm Cloud page as 38.0000000000003%. When I resume thereafter the course does not resume correctly.  I have retested the course in various sequences but the percentage with the 00000000000000000000000% result appearns at different stages.  Has anyone experienced this behaviour? and what is causing this?  Any information would be helpful.

Please refer to the screens from Scorm Cloud attached

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Natalie,

In regards to the loading, Storyline preloads content as detailed here to help prevent playback delays, so you may want to look at spacing out heavy load elements such as videos or other media files so that the users have time for it to load between slides.

We've heard reports of SCORM content timing out in Moodle when it's viewed in Internet Explorer. If you encounter this issue, you may be able to resolve it by modifying your Moodle LMS installation as described in this Moodle forum thread.

Please note that this is a compatibility issue between Moodle and Internet Explorer. The workaround described in the Moodle forums isn't supported by Articulate.  You may also want to review the information here in regards to letting folks know that their connection has been lost. 

It looks like the score you're seeing at SCORM Cloud isn't rounding as you would like? We don't have a method in Storyline to round the score to a particular decimal point, so depending on the points and scoring elements you've set up it may have additional numbers or decimal places. It seems what we're reporting in SL2 is  limiting the cmi.score.scaled to a maximum of 5 digits present and a maximum of 4 decimal places.