SCORM update

This may seem like a very basic question that I should know but I don't want to take a chance.

I have a Storyline that I have published as a scorm 1.2 package.  I have deployed it and about 40 of 150 people have completed it.  A few people have pointed out 1 fairly serious error that was missed in the QA process.

Can I update the package and reload it without losing the completion scores for those who have already done it?



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Phil Mayor

Sorry Tim, If you allow the user to view the course after they have completed it then it should be opened in review mode (this ensures the content is viewed but the score is not overwritten).  Some LMS's do not use review mode so scores get overwritten each time.

As far as resume data, an updated Storyline course will discard resume data from an old course.

I seem to remember that you use Moodle, this has been fixed in Moodle so completed scorms will be opened in review mode, not far how back the code was passed Dan can probably answer that one. You could also force new attempt but the user would not be able to resume. Hope that is a bit clearer.