SCORM zip file Non-Conformant


I'm trying to publish a storyline project to LMS format, compatible with Blackboard 9.1, and the zipping the file using the Articulate zip file option.

When I try to upload it to Blackboard as  Add Content Package (SCORM) it gives me the following error message:

An error occurred while processing your SCORM package. The package may not be in the proper format.
The error is:

I ran the ADL LMS SCO Runtime Environment Comformance Test and it works fine, but when I run the Content Package Conformace test it gives me the following error message:

ERROR: The package is Non-Comformant

There is obviously a problem with the zip file of the presentation.

Any advices on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you ☺☺

Lina Espinosa

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