SCORM2004 3rd edition error 103 'failure to initialize' - what does this mean?

Oct 19, 2015

Hi folks,

I've published a module using SCORM2004 3rd edition. It's been uploaded to the SCORM Engine and has been inserted into one of our SharePoint pages for testing. It works without problems on my machine and that of a colleague's. I tested it in IE11, he tested in Google Chrome.

Another colleague who is testing the module for me receives an error message and the browser automatically opens a debug file whenever she reloads the page whilst the module is launched. She's able to close the debug file and go onto to complete the learning module. I've tried this in IE11 and the same error occurs. It does the same on Chrome and Firefox.

Would someone be able to tell me what this error code means, and suggest a way of getting rid of it? I understand that something has failed to initialize, but I can't find any further information. I don't want the learners to get this message when accessing the module. 

I've attached screenshots of the error message and debug file.

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Brian Allen

Hello Gemz...  The error message you're seeing is telling you that your course cannot communicate with the LMS.

Is your sharepoint site linked to a LMS somehow?  If so, there appears to be some sort of communication issue where something isn't able to talk to the LMS.

If your sharepoint site is not linked to a LMS, then you should just publish your content for web.

Hope this helps

Gemma Nunn

I've been speaking to one more technically-minded colleagues about this issue. One of them told me that this error occurs because the module doesn't have the capability to send a request to record that it is no longer initialised when the refresh button is clicked. When you refresh the page you’re technically in the same session hence the error.

Any thoughts?

Brian Allen

So, as long as the student does not refresh the browser then your course reports back to the LMS?  If the student refreshes the browser they see this error?

 If that is the case then his evaluation definitely sounds plausible.

As far as potential solutions, the only thing that comes to mind would be to add messaging to your course telling your students to not refresh their browser, as doing so could result in the loss of their progress.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gemz,

I'd agree with Brian here and instruct students to not refresh the browser window. In a similar discussion here, it's losing the connection and data and therefore causing the error - which is what I'd expect to happen. 

Are they refreshing it to have another attempt at a question or something similar? Perhaps if you can figure out why they're trying to refresh that'll  help in your message and course design. 

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