SCORMs not registering complete in LMS

Nov 21, 2017


I have created an on-boarding pack with Storyline 360 which has 3 courses in it - all the participant needs to do is view them and this should give them an complete (or incomplete) status in the LMS as there is no quizz - however the courses are not registering as complete.

I have checked the courses in two different LMS's  as we are in a process of moving LMS's and I get the same result in both -  it looks like the participant has started the course but it does not register completed. 

Two of the courses are built around a central menu/navigation slide and  one is a linear course. 

I reduced the number of slides they had to view due to some of the scenarios but this hasn't helped either. Im not super experience in building courses  and maybe I'm missing something obvious...? I have attached few screen shots from one of the courses to show what I have done.

Would really appreciate help with this!

Best wishes,



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Russell Engoran


I am guessing that it has something to do with your "15 of 22" requirement. Perhaps they are not visiting 15 pages?

Regardless, you can take the shortcut of forcing a complete on the last page.

This can be done on the last page, by adding a trigger to "execute javascript" when the slide starts. Then paste the below code for the script.

function findLMSAPI(win) {
if (win.hasOwnProperty("GetStudentID")) return win;
else if (win.parent == win) return null;
else return findLMSAPI(win.parent);

var lmsAPI = findLMSAPI(this);

I hope that helps. (p.s. I didn't write that code. Someone else on the forum did but I don't recall who it was).


David Tait

Hi Jonna,

I think that Russell is correct and that you aren't viewing X number of slides in order to trigger completion.

I did a quick test where I reduced the number of slide views required to 1 and the LMS (SCORM Cloud) marked the course as complete. This shows that the course is communicating with the LMS.

Try listing all of the slides and ticking them off as you visit them, just in case any are being missed.

Jonna Fraser


Thank you for taking the time to check this out and for your advice Russ and David. 

I had gone through the course myself in the LMS and visited every slide (making sure I had sat there until the end of its timeline) and was still having this issue and also my colleagues were getting the same result. I was trying to fix this by reducing the number of slides they had to visit and again sitting through the course diligently but unable to achieve a complete status.

However, I tested this again reducing the number of slides required to be viewed to 1 and adding the javascript and  the course is still not registering complete. I have attached a screen shot of the javascript in case I have done something wrong. 


David Tait

Hi Jonna,

For now I would try solving this without the JavaScript, it isn't fully supported by Articulate and I'm convinced there's a logical way to get this working without it.

Which LMS are you using? When I opened your file originally and went to the publish dialogue it looked as though you were publishing for Articulate Online and not for LMS, is this correct?

Jonna Fraser

Hi David,

I have been publishing to LMS (rather than Articulate online) and uploading the zip files into our LMS. I have tested the courses in Moodle and our new LMS which is provided by VLearning Solutions.

I'm just in a process of copying the slides into a fresh Storyline files just in case this would help. I originally created the course as one big course with 3 different scenes and when the decision was taken to split it to 3 different modules, I saved the original file under 3 different names and deleted the extra scenes form each file.  As the issue is happening with all the 3 modules, I'm thinking maybe something had gone funny with the original file. 

If you have any other suggestions happy to give them a try!

Best Wishes,



David Tait

I've just reset the slide views to 22 again and ran it through SCORM Cloud and got a completed status so I don't think there's anything wrong with the file. Try downloading the attachment and republishing this version to see if your issue is solved.

If not I suspect something to do with your Moodle set up.

Jonna Fraser

I have several course up and running in Moodle which work fine and the completion setting are set up just like them, but  I  contacted our Moodle help desk just in case and they double checked the settings to make sure.  Also as the problem is happening in our new LMS (not Moodle based)  so I really cant see it being  the LMS setup.

I've just published the course and when running it I'm getting corruption in fonts (coming up as random characters) and triggers (not appearing or showing as white) so I really think this has something to do with Storyline360 itself. 

Russell Engoran

I think David may be right. I just tried your original file in scorm cloud (without the javascript code) and it completed fine.

I would guess that it is perhaps something in how you are publishing, packaging or the launch/user environment at play here.

If you attached your zip package, then we could test and eliminate the first two possibilities (i.e. publish and package).

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