SCORMs with Embedded YouTube Videos on Secure Server

Hello! Hoping someone else has run into this. We have several courses that use SCORMs created in Articulate Storyline. Our LMS service provider recently changed to an all-secure environment with site-wide SSL, and this is preventing any embedded YouTube videos within Storyline SCORMs from playing. We had the same problem with videos embedded directly in the LMS. That was easy to fix, because we could just go in and change the embed code URL to the secure version. Is there any way to retroactively make this type of change in a SCORM created with Storyline? Maybe by making an edit to the source files and then re-uploading them? Or will the Storyline files have to be edited in Storyline? Thanks in advance!

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Jennifer Dixey

Hi Ashley - Thank you for reminding me about that caveat. :) I actually would prefer to edit the original files as well, but we don't have the ability to do that immediately with all of our materials depending on who they were created by and when. I'll keep watching for ideas from the community!