Scrambled font in Preview/Publish

I'm having a problem with our corporate font becoming scrambled in Preview and Publish. The problem did not occur in Storyline 2, but began after upgrading to Storyline 360.

When opening a SL2 file in SL360, the attached images show the DIN OT font correctly displaying in Design mode, but scrambled in Preview.

I've used Replace Font to change it to Arial, and it displays correctly. Changing it back, it then scrambles on Preview again.

I'm currently on SL360, v3.49.24347.0


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, George.

Thank you for the screenshot, and I am sorry you are experiencing this issue with your font!

Let's try to narrow down the issue: have you tried enabling or disabling Modern Text

You can disable it by going to the Design tab, clicking the Fonts drop-down menu, and checking or unchecking Use Modern Text at the bottom of the list. 

Let me know if that works!

George Briggs

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the quick response!

This morning, checking Use Modern Text fixed the font display issue in Preview, but here's what's odd.

Yesterday, when I first opened a SL2 file in SL360...which upgraded the file...I checked the Use Modern Text option, and it was grayed out, not selectable and not checked. I tried replacing our corp font with Arial, still grayed out, replaced Arial with corp font, still grayed out.

After posting my issue last evening, I closed out of SL.

Just now I launched SL, opened a new project and checked the Use Modern Text option, and it's now available to check/un-check. I closed the new project without saving and opened the upgraded SL360 file from last night. That's all I did between last night and today. Now the Use Modern Text option is available in this file, so I checked it...and the corp font displays properly in Preview.

Since I'll be opening/upgrading a number of SL2 files to SL360 for republishing in HTML5-only, is there anything that will prevent the disabling of the Use Modern Text option?...or any fix that can be applied?

Thanks for your help!

George Briggs

Thanks for you response, and I apologize for my delayed reply. 

I haven't been able to recreate the issue with any other file, and as mentioned, the original file I had the issue with now gives me the Modern Text I'm not sure sending the file to you would help uncover anything.

I do appreciate knowing where to look if the issue comes up thanks for your help!