Screen capture movies not previewing

Mar 03, 2021

First, I think it's abominable that in the year 2021 the fix for a series of Storyline bugs is to uninstall and re-install it. No other software I have used in the last decade requires that. But then no other software is as buggy as Storyline or crashes my computer completely. If I didn't have to use it, I would never touch it.

The current issue is that screen capture movies do not play when previewing in the timeline. You can open the Action Timing editor and see that the segment does include action, but nothing happens when you click the play button in the timeline.

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Philip Roy

So....often the solution to a bug isn't to reinstall the software. That said, it's a common approach (I've had Team and Creative Cloud reinstalled by IT in recent weeks) and not a Storyline-only issue....but not needed in this far as I can see, there is no bug, just user error.

Sometimes you might want to check that the fault lies not with the software, but with something you might have accidentally done.

If you go to edit your recording, you will see that you have start and end points in there that are so close together, that the movie does in fact play, but only for a few frames.

Clear or change the start and end points in the screen capture and the movie plays fine.