Screen capture of multiple select (lassoing or using Ctrl key)


I'm having problems inserting a screen recording into a story in 'Try Mode'.

The software I'm looking to record presents dashboards. The user can click and drag their mouse to lasso a number of data points/types in a chart, then the chart dynamically changes to show their new selection.

This records fine, and inserts into the story with no error message but only as View Mode. When I try inserting the recording as Try or Test mode it still inserts as View.

Is there a way I can allow the user to actually drag over the objects to select them?

I've attached an example of what I'm trying to do, it's similar function to selecting items on your desktop and moving them to another location by dragging them.

It will insert so it can be viewed but not tried.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Unfortunately click-and-drag events—such as dragging a scroll bar—aren't interactive in step-by-step screen recordings. So you won't be able to utilize them in Try/Test mode. 

However, other actions—like clicking and typing—are interactive, so you'll be able to test learners on these actions.

You could look at setting this up using your own drag and drop freeform activity and just use images and screenshots that match your set up.