Screen capture - Recording bar doesn't disappear after recording

Dec 02, 2020

I was checking out this neat feature with recording my screen showing how I set up a questionnaire.  So, once I get the recording done, the recording control bar doesn't go away.  So, I'm trying to see what I'm missing.  

If anyone can provide some input on how to have this displayed that would be great.



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Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

Thank you for reaching out! 

May I ask where the video control bar is appearing? If it is showing on the slide after inserting the screen recording, you can adjust the video controls by: 

  • Navigating to Video Tools --> Options
  • Then adjust the settings under Show Video Controls.

If this doesn't quite match what you are seeing, please let us know! 

John Giampetro

Hi Vincent,

Really appreciate the staff being so responsive.  No doubt, I'll be reaching on items that I may not entirely understand.

I did follow what you showed above, but looks like my display of options is different.  I went ahead and did a screenshot of the top menu.  So, not sur why I don't see what you showed.  Just strange.    

Now, the interesting part is that I was able to record on my primary monitor and didn't see the recording bar show up after the the playback.  I do use two monitors, but that shouldn't impact the recording session, especially if you use say a second monitor.  The program I use is Camtasia, which Articulate should behave the same way, but may be not.