Screen Capture Suggestions

Ok the screen recording tool that comes with Articulate Storyline works great for certain things and if used moderately. However I am currently creating courses where I am teaching software using the screen recording tool in about 50 of 100 slides. The editing of long screen captures is very difficult and has proven to consume huge amounts of my time. Can anyone suggest a different screen recording software, free or not that will plug into storyline? I am looking at camtasia now. Thanks in advance!

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Jesse Kramer

In the past I've used Captivate. It's great for screen captures and I have found that editing in Captivate is easier than Storyline right now. My biggest hurdle has been that in Captivate if I want to change one item I can have that item also be changed throughout the rest of the presentation. You can't currently do that in Storyline. I have submitted a feature request. The other issue I've had is Storyline files seem to grow very large the more screen captures  you have in it. Captivate seems to be much more efficient when it comes to file size. I would stick with Captivate 5.5 or better. Hope this is helpful.


casey hillstrom

Thanks alot guys. Jesse, Captivate does seem  like the better choice for screen recording and editing those recordings. THe problem for me is that I have already created a huge bulk of my current course on Articulate Storyline, so for now I need to finish on Storyline or start over, but I am definitely downloading the trial if one is available.

Donna, Blueberry looks pretty good for what I need. Do you know if I will be able to export my video to a file like mp4 so that it could be inserted easily into Storyline? Thanks !

Diana Svatošová

Video is storyline is good if simple and more like just in time. if you want to record video and edit, then camtasia or flashback are good. I not sure if new version captivate record video or just simulation.

other idea if you need edit, record as simulation then you get all screens. add audio and edit mouse on screen; output so slides auto advance and it look like videos but not as large and editing is many times easier then video