Screen capture timed quiz

I am brand new to Storyline.

I have a customer that wants to create a screen capture quiz, where the student is first shown a demonstration of how to do things in the software. After watching, the student needs to perform the same actions in a training activity. This training activity needs to be timed, and the user should then get different feedback based on how fast he performed the activity (i.e if he does it under 30 secs he will be given feedback like "Great, you were really fast", 30 - 45 secs "That was quite good" and if above 45 secs i.e. "Could be a bit faster"...).

Is this at all possible in Articulate Storyline? What if the the screencast was recorded in Captivate, will that be possible to convert to an active training in Storyline?

Thanks in advance for your answers and help in this matter. 

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