Screen capture tool not "seeing" all screen elements in Ceridian Dayforce application

We are using Storyline to create step-by-step training modules and some of the Ceridian Dayforce (timesheet application) windows are not "seen" by the Storyline screen capture engine.  Some screen captures do show the screen accurately, other screens instead show another open tab (with hotspots pointing to what doesn't show), or just don't show some areas of the screen--for example, one column of a table is a solid color rather than showing the contents of that column.

I'm guessing there is something unusual about the way the Dayforce pages have been built, and we've reached out to the developer as well.  But has anyone else run across instances of Storyline's screen capture tool not accurately capturing the screens?  If yes, how did you resolve the issue, or did you have to do a static workaround?  (This is an instance where I wish Storyline's screen capture tool had the single screenshot option available while doing capture, as Captivate does.)

Thanks for any solutions people may have to share!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Andrew.  I have a couple of ideas for you to check out. 😊

When you are accessing the Ceridian application, are you doing so natively on your desktop, or does it open in a web browser?  It may be that either the application or the browser itself is not doing a great job of communicating data to Storyline's screen recording tool.

While those articles describe different symptoms, I'd explore the solutions of using a different browser and making sure permissions are the same.  Keep me posted on what you find out!

Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Crystal--It was Chrome.  The client really wanted me to use Chrome as it works best with their application.  But I didn't know about the poor meta tagging conversation between Storyline and Chrome.  Now I do.  I entered the click text manually.  

I also learned in this process that Chrome doesn't let you capture data input fields for interactive purposes.  Luckily, the client was fine with the input data just appearing on a click rather than asking the learner to input it.  Now I know if a client wants true interactive data input for a simulation, we can't capture with Chrome as the browser.

Have you folks had a chat with Google about this...?