Screen Capture View, Try, Test Mode Question

I want a Screen recording in View, Try, and Test Mode. When you import the screen recording in each mode, it defaults to the generic captions and hotspots.  Is there a way that I can do my formatting/fixing on the View scene once it is imported, and then duplicate it and convert it to Try/Test mode.  It doesn't seem like this is a possibility. Otherwise, I will have to do the same editing in all three scenes which will be much more time consuming. I am just wondering if there are any tricks for this!  Thanks in advance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nikita!

When you insert step-by-step try/test mode slides, the hotspots will appear along with generic captions if you've selected "Show hint captions."

The easiest way to format those captions is to use the format painter:

  • Click on a formatted caption from the View Mode scene.
  • Double click the format painter button in the Home tab.
  • One by one, select all of the captions in the Try/Test mode scene. You should see the formatting apply to those captions. 

I really like your idea of being able to format the captions before inserting the step-by-step slides--that would definitely make life easier! Could you tell us more about how you'd like that feature to work in a feature request