Screen Captures - Edit and Reuse

I have seen a few related questions, but I'm not finding the answer I need.

I have used Captivate for a number of years, and I am trying out Storyline.

In Captivate, all the screens captured during a recording go into the library. You can reuse the screen captures as needed on other slides. You can also easily edit the screen captures and update all instances of the screen capture with the edits.

I cannot find if this is possible in Storyline. I want to use a screen that was captured during recording in a question. Outside of using Snagit or Prnt Scrn and putting it inside the question, I cannot see how to do this within the capability of Storyline. Is this possible?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelley,

Any screen recordings you create within Storyline will be saved for use later in the course. If you go up to the "Record Screen" button there is a little arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Clicking on that will drop down all Screen recordings you currently have and let you know which ones are in use. From there you'll be able to insert it again - and if you're only looking for one particular slide, you'll want to insert it as Step by Step so that you can edit/delete extraneous slides. This tutorial on how to edit screen recordings will provide some additional directions and images to walk you through the process.  Hope that helps!