Screen elements disappears when republish on Review 360

Nov 02, 2020

I am recently facing an issue while I publish a file on existing link on Review 360. 
Some elements like images, text boxes disappears from few screens.

Some time the last line of a paragraph disappears from all the text boxes where I used "By paragraph" for fade-in animation.

It become normal if I publish it again on same link. 

Using SL360 V3.45


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Sagar Mavale

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the response. 

The textboxes are in place only and timeline duration is also ok. Also I have checked in multiple browsers and issue remains same. finally I stopped using the Review 360.


Now I am facing the same issue in WEB/Local publish also. and this time the 1st and last bullet disappears.

I tried with reinstallation of whole articulate package also. Currently using the latest version.

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