Screen lock issue when courses viewed on iPhone

I am facing an issue, where the course will be viewed on the iPhone and the screen lock time is set to 30 seconds of inactivity. (this is the Standard setting which cannot be changed by the user.) 

So this is triggering the phone screen lock, and after unlocking it the course needs to be refreshed. Due to this, the user is not able to move ahead at all. I discovered that Storyline sends data to LMS after every 60 sec. is there any way we can reduce this time, if yes, how?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Parashuram,

The FORCED_COMMIT_TIME variable in the scormdriver.js file defaults to a value of 60000, which sends a "keep-alive" message to the LMS every 60 seconds.

Articulate does not support any modification of the published output.

iPhone auto-lock settings consider attention when a user is looking at a screen and does not dim the display. Is there a reason that the user cannot update this setting, or is there interactivity to add to the slide to prevent time-out?

I look forward to hearing other ideas from the community in how they've overcome similar obstacles.

Parashuram Vhaval

Thanks, Leslie for your reply.

We are experiencing this issue when the storyline course is viewed from the Success-factor app on the iPhone. The current iPhone screensaver setting is at 30 seconds after which the screen dims and we cannot change this default setting due to IT requirements or add any other interactivity in the storyline course itself. Please suggest