Screen numbering

Hi Team

Need help in changing the scene numbering. 

I have my scenes in the order 1. Module, 2. Course wrap-up, 3. Knowledge check. But based on the order of creation, it is not taking the numbering to be as seen above. You can find this in the Image shown below. Is there any possibility for changing the scene numbering of 2 & 3.


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Walt Hamilton

First, the most important thing is to understand that the numbering is not something that the user sees, or that changes the way the project runs, it is merely for your convenience. That said, you may be able to change the numbering, but only after you save your project.

1. Save project

2. cut (don't delete) scene 3. Course wrap-up

3. click (once) on scene 2 Knowledge check

4. paste scene

It will likely paste the wrap-up ahead of knowledge check, and re-number them.