Screen reader doesn't go to "top" of slide order on "jump to slide" trigger.

I am working on building software simulations that are accessible, so the "next" and "previous" player buttons are hidden. When using a screen reader, a button or hotspot that has the trigger "jump to next slide" functions, but then on the next slide, the user must use the back arrow to go to the top of the slide focus order. If you press the forward arrow to go to the next object after the jump to next slide, it says "end of slide."

Also, whenever a text box receives focus, it says "clickable," even if no triggers are assigned to that text box. 

What can I do to make slides read in proper focus order after jumping, and can I remove "clickable" feedback from text boxes? Thanks!

I am using Apple VoiceOver and I have tested in the latest Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for Mac. SL v3.48.24159.0

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Ren Gomez

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out, and great call to start a case! I see my teammate, Jan, tested your sample file and found a couple of issues where:

  • A VoiceOver screen reader reads “end of slide” when jumping to the next slide
  • An NVDA screen reader jumps to the last object on the focus order when previous slide objects are skipped while the screen reader is dictating

  We'll reach back out when we have any new updates to share on a fix!