Screen reader for player buttons

Hello, I have a course with three player buttons: volume, play, and rewind. My client is testing the course in their LMS on their screen reader. They're reporting the screen reader is coming back as "button" for each label and there is a fourth button to the right of rewind (which there isn't on the player). 

I checked the player labels and see there are the appropriate accessibility labels for the player. I don't have a screen reader to troubleshoot with and have no idea.  Anyone have experience with this?

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Margaret Crawford

Jenny, is the "random" button Skip Navigation? It doesn't appear as a visible button in the player but is announced by the screen reader. Related to the "button" question, I'm curious if your issue was that the screen reader was only announcing "button" for the volume/play/rewind buttons and not saying what button. We had a course 8-9 months ago where the screen reader verbiage fields (in Text Labels) were not being used by JAWS for a couple buttons, and I'm wondering if that is/was the case for volume, play, rewind (items 134, 62, and 77, respectively, in Text Labels) as well. Did you get more clarification?