Screen Reader Friendly Course- Does Tab Order Make Articulate Sluggish?

Hi All,

I was recently experimenting with the Tab Order feature. I copied a course that is not slow and only contains compressed images. I used that course to build a quick and dirty prototype of a "universal" course that everyone at our company could access. I noticed about 7 slides into it, the course became super sluggish. It was no longer sluggish after I deleted the remaining slides I had yet to touch.

Is there something I can tweak to fix this? Details follow:

-When I say sluggish I'm referring to this occurring while I'm in the application  building the course. Not the published version.

-Course is on my desktop

-Images are compressed



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michele. Thanks for those details! I haven't heard reports of tab order affecting Storyline performance. Some items that we have on our radar include:

  • multiple text boxes on a slide (more than 10, for example) with Modern Text enabled
  • formatting cropped images

Does either one of those scenarios match your setup? Feel free to share your file with us for a closer look. With your permission, we'll test it and report back what we see. We can delete it when we're done troubleshooting.