Screen reader problem with message box "Invalid Answer"

I have a question with 2 checkboxes.
If I submit the answer without checking a checkbox, it displays the message box "Invalid Answer" "You must complete... "OK"

NVDA does not reads this message, so I dont know that something is displayed on the screen and that I need to "click" on OK to close it.

Is it normal? Is there something special to do?

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Ludovic M

I have installed the latest Storyline 360 update, and it is better but I still have problems:
NVDA on firefox reads :

"slide: Invalid Answer
slide: Invalid Answer
région bannière
titre niveau 3
Invalid Answer
You must complete the question before submitting.
You must complete the question before submitting."

So Invalid Answer is read three times and the text twice.

I don't know why something is read with "cliquable".

This new player doesn't seem to have passed a QA for accessibility.
I'm disappointed by the time it takes to test if everything works properly with each update.
I wish the updates were less frequent but better tested, since it is not the role of users to do the testing.

I have linked a file for the test.

Noel Sapp

For whatever it's worth, I get very different reading results in different browsers. So far the most consistent reading has been in IE (in my experience, at least). Even still, I get different reading results with NVDA compared to JAWS. None of them read what the SL360 Preview reads either ;) Or heaven forbid, Flash is part of the export and the LMS defaults to that. Then all bets are off.

If you get a tech support follow-up and are able to find a path through, I'd love to read about it. It might help with some of what we're going through.