Screen reader problems with lightbox

I have a slide that is displayed in lightbox after clicking on a button. On ST360 last update with NVDA on Firefox I have got problems:

1st problem is that my header is read 3 times:

slide: Header 2
slide: Header 2
cliquable Header 2
content 2

2nd problem is that the cross on the top right is read "button" and not "button close"

3rd problem is that this button can't be reached with down arrow, you have to use tab whereas it works for the navigation button.

I have linked a file for testing.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ludovic,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are seeing in your project along with a file.

I've opened up a support case on your behalf so that one of our support engineers can dig in and do some testing. I've included all of the details you've shared here along with your .story file.

You should be hearing from someone soon.