Screen reader: Switch button language

Hello, I have following problem:

I build a project in english in storyline (using the german SL-interface) and optimized it for usage with a screen reader. It works fine for the most part part, however when it comes to buttons (e.g. continue) the screen reader somehow reads the german name for the button ("Schalter") first and then the custom text in english. The language for the project is in english, I tried both switching storyline and my browser language to english, nothing worked. I just want the screenreader to read the description in english too, not just the alt text. Is there any way to fix this?

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Lauren Connelly

HI Maximillian!

You should see a setting in your screen reader that detects when the language has changed and then determine if it should change the dialect.

Here's what that setting looks like in NVDA:

If you are using JAWS, here's similar documentation that I found on the Freedom Scientific website.

Let me know if you have additional questions! We're here to help!