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Crystal Horn

Hi Ali!  Just to clarify, when you are recording, the process that you are recording is taking a long time to load, and you'd like to be able to cut that lag time out from the middle...does that sound right?

It sounds like you are using the screen recording tool in Storyline 2; were you going to insert that screen recording as a single video on one slide?  The video editor doesn't allow you to cut pieces out of the middle, only trim bits from the ends.  I get how that would be a helpful feature, so I'd recommend adding your name to a feature request to get that functionality.

We can probably come up with some workarounds for you.  These tips for editing Replay videos will show you how to splice out a section of your video and create one mp4 file.  So instead of doing your recording in Storyline, you can screen record in Replay and then insert the published Replay mp4 into your Storyline project.

Let us know if that's helpful!