Screen recorder and narration

I'm new to Storyline, having used Studio in the past.

I'm looking for the easiest, fastest way to do a screen recording with narration. I know I can Record Screen - is there a way to have my notes visible as my script on the screen somewhere? Alternatively, I could Insert Sound from Record Mic, and I know I can see my script then, but is there an easy way to sync it with my screen recording?

I'm creating a step-by-step walk through for a new chat program being implemented, so I need to do a lot of on-screen work to show all the steps. (note - Screenr isn't working on my work computer at the moment either - so that option is out to even investigate).

Suggestions to speed up and make this process easier are greatly appreciated! I have the whol project storyboarded, so I am now just down to the nitty gritty of inserting screenshots.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica and welcome to Heroes! 

There's a few things you could do, and the "easiest" or "fastest" will likely depend on your preference:

  • You could open a second instance of Storyline to conduct the recording and then still see your notes. Once you've recorded the screen in the new instance, you'll want to save that copy of Storyline and then import it into your existing file. 
  • You could also use Replay, which is free with a Storyline license to record the screen and audio. 
  • You may also want to review the tutorial on how to sync animations (not sure what your step by step set up involves) with audio. 

For screenr, it seems that the most recent update from Java is causing some initial problems and seems to be solved by restarting your browser. 

Jessica Huber

Thanks... I used a second monitor, combined with an old school copy of all my notes (that way I could break out the lines/pauses, etc as I wanted to read them in time with my on-screen actions.)

I will have to check out Replay, once I can get my IT department to authorize my download on my computer.