Screen recorder fuzzy

I'm doing a screen recording for a software demo and it appears fuzzy on the published course.  Is there a way to increase the resolution so it appears more clear?  I have it set to expand to the users browser size because if I don't, it's so small, no one can see what they need to see.  I tried zoom regions, but they're tied to the timeline of the slide and not the video.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teresa,

Is your screen recording resolution much larger than your Story size? If so, then you may want to modify them so that if you enlarge the browser recording window the Story size can accommodate it.  By default, storyline is set to 540x720 - if the recording window is enlarged at all, it can result in a blurry recording. Additionally, have you checked the publish quality settings?  Also, even though you have it set to display at user's current browser size, you can also lock the player at the optimal size.