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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Johanna,

Our team has seen some odd behavior with screen recording when:

  1. The author is recording on a setup that has dual monitors
  2. The screen resolution is more than 100% (or 96 DPI)

Does either of those setups sound like what could be happening on your computer? If so, I'd try disconnecting from the second monitor or changing the screen resolution to re-record. Let us know if that helps!

Chris Franklin

Hi, I'm having the same issue. I tend to use dual monitors so that I can record from the larger screen, with Storyline open on the smaller (laptop) screen. I have tried just disconnecting from the second monitor and recording directly from the laptop screen, but am getting the same problem. No matter how I resize the frame (am using 1920x1080 which is what I have my Story size set to, and is the 'full screen' size too), it records a larger area than I have specified. In the attached screenshot, you can just make out the red outline of the frame, which has been ignored.

Any suggestions welcome!