Screen Recording - Adding a Text Box


I created a screen recording and set it up in test mode. When I input text during the screen recording it doesn't show up as a text box in the edit mode.

How can I add a text box for the learner to write in when one isn't being created for me? 

I looked on-line searching for the answer. I came across videos etc but nothing answered my question above.

Thank you


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Crystal Horn

Hey Ellana!  I was actually just doing some investigating on this issue.  I'm trying to find out why the text entry didn't populate onto that slide for you.  Did this happen with other or all text entry slides, as well?

There are rules that Windows apps have to follow in order for Storyline screen recordings to pick up on keystrokes and clicks, but I'm researching for a better understanding of them.

Have you tried re-recording the scenario?  I'm not sure if that is a viable option for you, for testing.  But I'll update this thread as soon as I get some additional info!

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Ellana.  I was able to replicate this issue in a screen recording that I made when using different applications.  Some of my text entries were available, some were not.

As far as the "rules,"  this is the information that I discovered:
Certain apps and programs, when written, may have included "accessibility" features within their controls.  If the processes that you perform with that app are not accessible to Storyline, they won't be picked up in the step-by-step modes of screen recording.  Most apps are moving away from controls that would prevent Storyline from recognizing keystrokes.

That being said, we'd be very happy to take a look at your project, or your screen recording, at least to see if we can test further or help develop a workaround.  Also, if your screen recording is of an application that we can install and test, we can try that as well.