Screen Recording Asset on Timeline


When we record, and create the try modes we get a "screen recording" that shows up on the timeline for the step-by-step demo and try modes. We have removed this to see what its actual impact is and it seems to not do much at all except create a trigger issue. We simply want the user to move ahead once they click on the hot spot and incorrect/correct layers to show when they click outside. We can manage this however we have to remove the screen recording and change the triggers on each slide which can get quite cumbersome. Is there a simple way to not have this asset show up at all? Seems like this is a recent addition..correct me if I'm wrong..thanks for your help.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ryan!

Great question! Hints, captions, and the screen recording are included when inserting a screen recording using Try Mode. Try Mode is used to walk the learner through a process. 

We don't currently have a way to customize what is included when inserting a screen recording or remove objects on multiple slides at one time. I'm interested to hear if other community members have a workaround to share!