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Alyssa Gomez

Happy to help, Diane! 

After you published the file, did you host the output folder on a web server or a learning management system? If not, try hosting the output on Tempshare (for web) or SCORM Cloud (for LMS) to ensure the course is working as it should.

Also, what web browser were you using when this problem happened? These browsers are supported for Storyline 2 content. 

Diane Crum

Thank you Alyssa.  After I sent the message I did upload the SCORM file to our LMS for testing it works fine in all three browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox). 

I will keep the link to Tempshare and SCORM Cloud to test courses in there first.  I don't like putting them in the LMS until they are ready to go because we can't delete the courses and then I have 15 versions!  Thanks again for your help.