Screen recording

Hi, im using the screen recording tool in Storyline for the 1st time. So far i was able to create the video, but i want to know where this is saved by default in my hdd. I cannot find it, also i cannot export it into a file (avi, mp4, flv, swf) i just have can see it in a drag and drop menu when inserting video but cannot take if from there to edit it using other tools, or just save a back up copy of my recording. Any idea?


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Steve Lee

Hi all,

I cant see any of the dialogue boxes you're mentioning, what am I doing wrong?

How do you get the Action Fine Tuning dialogue to appear? I right click but don't get the dialogue you do.

Sorry to be daft here, but when you say "right click on the screen recording slide" are you in Slide View or Story View?

I know this is simple, but I'm stumped.