Screen recording captured in Try Mode, needed as View Mode

Hi everyone, I´m having trouble with a screen recording that was saved as a Try-mode. But now I realize that I need to show the whole process as I would with "View-mode".

I can´t change the mode when I import it, and instead of the mouse-movement-layer, it shows a hotspot layer . For some reason I cannot even copy the mouse movement from other captures to do it manually... So I´m trapped. Do I have to capture all over again? Please, can anyone help? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cecilia and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

After recording a screencast, you can insert it into your course as a video on a single slide or as a series of step-by-step interactive slides in any of three modes: view, try, test. You can even insert the same recording into your course multiple times in different formats. See this tutorial for details.

If you were hoping to re-use your edited screencast as a new version, this is not an available feature of the software.