Screen recording capturing more than defined area

Sep 21, 2020

When I attempt to record screen shots for a software simulation, Storyline seems to be capturing an area larger than the intended recording dimensions. Notice in the screen shot, the red outline is the area I've drawn for the screen recording, but what's actually being recorded is only a portion of that space, and then the rest of my entire monitor as well. Any tips on how to make this work as I intend?

(For context, I am currently working from home on a laptop. I have only encountered this issue while on the laptop, not while I was at the office on larger monitors. I do have a large monitor plugged in, but the same thing happens when I attempt to record on the larger screen.) 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Laura!

We've heard that others have come across a similar snag when recording using a laptop plugged into an external monitor. Do you mind trying unplugging the external monitor and just recording on the laptop? After the recording is over, you can plug the external monitor back into the laptop.

Please let me know if that does the trick!

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