screen recording glitch

Excuse me if I'm doing something dumb, but I'm new to SL2. I'm trying to do a screen recording step-by-step (view mode). When I preview it it looks great. When I publish, the flash version is great but in the html5 version it's buggy. The problem is the recording seems shrink  as it jumps between slides (giving it a glitchy look) and I see a second (original size version) underneath:

screen shot

What am I doing wrong?





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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Barry, welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for including that screenshot! After you publish the content, did you upload it to a web server or an LMS?  My first thought is that if you're testing locally, rather than uploading to an LMS or web environment, that may be what's causing this wonky behavior you're seeing. You'll want to make sure to upload your published output to it's intended environment to test it properly. Also, what browser are you using to test the content? These are supported for Storyline 2:

Barry Langton

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I tested locally and uploaded to my website - both had the same glitch. I tested in edge, IE, firefox and Chrome - all latest versions and all show it with the same glitch.

I can't believe the screen recording in storyline is that bad - is it? Am I better using something else?




Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing that link, Barry. I can definitely see the video glitch and it looks like there is a second version underneath. This seems to only happen in the HTML5 version you shared above--I'm not seeing it in the Flash version here. I'd like our Support Engineers to weigh in on this and investigate what's going on with the HTML5 version. You can reach them directly right here, and they're available 24/7 to assist. Also, be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along!

Brian Wrenn

Yes Leslie, this does appear to be limited to the HTML5 output. The videos are stretched vertically about 2%, or 12 pixels in my case, and remain the same for width, and it's then scaled down to fit the project size which causes it to have space on either side where the background shows through. It causes it to look like it's flickering as the background loads and then the video. I was able to limit the effect by opening the series of videos in Adobe Premier and resizing the videos to be the originally recorded size. However, reprocessing the video has left it darker than the background so some of the flickering remains but now due to the difference in brightness.

We have a number of clients who have a GP blocking flash due to security concerns, and we've had our own problems with flash disabled by default in chrome and firefox while the browser check in storyline will send the flash version anyway, which leads to a lot of phone calls. Given that Adobe themselves set an end of life for Flash, I would think that getting HTML5 squared away would be the top priority. Maybe that's some incentive to upgrade to 360? Can you verify if this issue exists in 360?



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Erika and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you've been impacted by this. Are you using Storyline 2 as well?

Nothing new yet. I do appreciate you following up with us. It’s helpful to understand how many folks are experiencing this bug and how often they encounter it. We’ll definitely let you know when we know more. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Linda,

 Thanks for sharing that screenshot a few posts back! It's always helpful to see what's happening on your side of the screen. First, I want to share with you one of our support articles that explains screen recording in great depth! It's definitely one to keep bookmarked.

We haven't heard reports of this issue happening in Storyline 360 yet, so I'm happy to help investigate!

Can you provide more information on your story size and recording dimensions? Also, does this happen when you recording other webpages or apps, or is it specific to the one in your screenshot?

I'm happy to take a look at your project. Are you comfortable with sharing your project by attaching it to this discussion? If you would prefer to share your project privately, you can do so by using this link and our Support Engineers will take a look.

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Lauren,

The recording size was 815 X 512. I don't know the size of the file because I've added on to it since then, but it would be small because the screen recording was one of the first things that I did.  I haven't used 360 for other recordings yet, so I don't know if it will happen while recording other screens.  Hopefully, it's not a continuing problem.

I ended up re-recording it on Storyline 3 and it worked fine without the double image.  I deleted the previous screen recording, so I have nothing to share.