Screen Recording has more than what it needs to show - Fix with Action Fine Tuning

Hi, I recently recorded a simulation and found that after the learner clicks the hotspot, the Screen recording plays a few frames after the desired point in the timeline. Like, if you click on a dropdown, the slide is supposed to show the recording up to point before the dropdown opens; but it shows 1/4 or 1/2 a second of the recording that belongs to the next slide.

I found that all my "click" slides had this issue and I had to manually fix using Action Fine tuning. Is there a way to solve this?  The recording of the following slide should not be visible on the current slide, thanks.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Miguel!

We're happy to help! It sounds like the screen recording is not behaving as expected. I don't see similar reports with screen recordings, so it would be helpful if we could take a look at your project. Would you mind uploading the .story file? You can attach it to this public discussion or share it privately in a support case.