Screen Recording Not Advancing on Slide Layers

We are using Storyline 2 and have used a screen recording as part of a test. We are having problems on the Click and Drag slides. If the learner clicks in the wrong area a slide layer displays to show them where to click. The timeline on the layer is approximately 3 seconds. If the learner does not click in the correct area within 3 seconds it will not advance.


We can increase the timeline, but that seems inefficient and could leaded to a frustrated learner (what if they are interrupted and comes back to it after the time has elapsed.)

 Why is this behavior happening and is there a resolution? 

I'm not able to add the storyline file due to names of actual users. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kathy! I'm happy to help here! First, let me make sure I understand how your file is set up:

  • Are you using Try Mode slides or Test Mode slides?
  • Is the learner supposed to click a hotspot to get the correct answer?
  • What layers does this slide have? 
  • How many attempts does the learner have to get the question correct?
kathy mclaughlin

Hi Alyssa, Sorry for my delay in responding. We are using the test mode. The learner should click the correct spot to move to the next slide. There is one layer that displays if the learner clicks outside of the hot spot, which displays where to click. I've attached screen shots of the slide and layer.

I appreciate any suggestions! 

kathy mclaughlin

I tried your suggestion to fill in the rectangle and it did not do anything. I even changed the timing to say to display to the end and it still didn't change anything. Once the timeline ended the rectangle disappeared.

FYI, the screen shots that were shared have a filled rectangle to hide the email addresses of the individual in that field. These are valid emails and I do not want to share them publicly

Kathy McLaughlin
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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Kathy. I'm sorry that workaround didn't do the trick. 

I completely understand you not being able to share your file publicly--could you share it with our team privately through this link? 

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