Screen recording not inserting in Story View

I'm using Storyline 1 and when I screen record scrolling movement on a web browser page, it says it's saving and inserting, but the recording does not appear in Story View (either in a scene that I assign or a new one I create). That or it'll record and insert as a static screen shot with a mouse movement that I never made in the screen recording. For other screen recorded actions like clicks and mouse movements, they insert into Story View just fine. Help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lydia,

So it's just recording a web browser that you're scrolling the page? I'd want to first confirm that you're using the newest update of Storyline 1, update 8 available here. Please also confirm that you're working locally as described here.  If you're seeing this in all your files, it would also be worth going through the repair.