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Jun 04, 2013

So, I've not been able to find any documentation on where a screenshot is stored when you take one using the assigned shortcut key when making a screen recording. I hear the camera shutter sound as I'm making the screen recording. But where is that screenshot saved? On the clipboard? How do I recover it?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Gregg!

I guess it depends on the method you're using for taking a screenshot If you're simply using your machine's built-in screen capture keyboard shortcut option, that screen capture would be sent to wherever you've previously configured it to be sent. 

Whereas if you use Storyline's Save as image feature, found here, you can tell Storyline exactly where you want it sent, such as your documents folder.

Gregg Wanciak

The method I'm referring to is while making a screen recording. In the settings for making a screen recording is the keyboard shortcut for making a screenshot. The default is Printscreen. If I'm in the midst of making a screen recording I can press that shortcut key, in this case Printscreen, and I can hear a camera shutter click sound, still in the midst of the screen recording. But what has happened to the screenshot that seemingly got captured in the midst of that screen recording?

Peter Anderson

Hi Gregg, 

I heard back from the team:

"There is no "screen shot". We are just forcing a new slide to be created at that point in time when the recording is imported."

And in my testing, I've noticed that these slides are only being created when you insert the screen recording as a Step-by-Step video, and not as a Video on a Single Slide. 

If you're hoping to capture screenshots from your recordings to use as images, I'd recommend using the steps described here. Hope that helps clarify

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