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Aug 25, 2020

Hello community,

I was wondering if in Storyline 360 there is a workaround to edit eh source file for a screen recording. For example: I have a screen recording of 15 minutes and I need to split it into 3 parts and then import it for view-try -test mode. I want the import option for try-test to be for each individual part of 5 minutes duration, not for the original source file of 15 minutes. Is there such a possibility?

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Dave Cox

Hi Madalina,

You can edit and trim your video right in Storyline.

First import your video to your slide. After you have imported your video, select the video timeline, and you will see a Video Tools Options tab in the ribbon. 

From this tab, select the Edit Video icon.

This will open Storyline's video editor. You can use the Trim function to trim your video. Use the play on stop button, or drag the playhead to find where you want to trim you video.

Use the Trim icon to trim you video to the length. You can see on the timeline where I've select the time to trim.


Training Department

Hello Dave :)

Thank you for your reply - I knew about this option. My question was related to the initial screen recording (the source file), so not another video file. Also I wanted to know if there is a option for the original screen recording to be edited, trimmed and so on. Can Articulate import a screen recording source file, trim it and keep the interactions/steps when selecting the Try/Test options?

Thank you,


Training Department

Hello Anne-Marie :)

From my experience with screen-recordings in Storyline, I know you have to use a set of headphones and check the audio settings before pressing the record button. Editing depends on the number of actions that the author of the recording does during - namely, if you click on multiple buttons or insert fragments of text, the recording will pick-up on them and transform them into slides, or as I like to call them, learning steps (the slides will become visible once you select the import mode as either View, Try or Test). If the recording is done clearly and with a limited amount of mouse-moving, then the editing should go smoothly. 

Regarding the source file, I couldn't find a solution yet. I am thinking of trying to find the source file in the default Articulate folder and start from there...but I haven't gotten around to this. I will give it a go today and get back to this post. 


Katie Riggio

Hello Madalina!

You can insert the same screencast into your course multiple times. For example, you can insert it as a video on a single slide and then insert it again as View, Try and Test Mode slides.

Here's a .GIF to showcase the steps:


We also have this resource that takes a closer look at the editing process:

Lastly, if you need a video of the screencast, simply export an .MP4 video of the screencast from the original project and then import it into the new project to make your edits.

Could any of those tips help with what you're looking to do?

Training Department

Hello Katie!

Thank you for the redirect - I know it. I already did what is suggested in your tutorials.

I edited the screen recording, however when I select the import as view or as try, Storyline uses the same source file, instead of the cropped/trimmed one. My problem is I need Storyline to use the trimmed recording as source for import.

Example: - I have a recording of 30 minutes, which I trimmed to 5 minutes. However, when I tell Storyline to import the recording, it imports the initial 30 minutes file, not the 5 minutes trimmed file. And therein lies my problem. Is there a solution to tell Storyline to import the 5 minutes recording?

Thank you.

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