Screen recording: screen captures come out too small after changing story size

Oct 26, 2017

Hi community,

Following scenario: I have existing projects for which I recorded screens and inserted them in view mode steps. The story size when I did the recordings initially was just 16:9 (default). We ended up getting the logos and images that we used compressed at publishing, which is why we had to adjust the story size to 1920x1080 (custom) to ensure we got the images in the right quality. However, in a new story that I have created and set to 1920x1080 story size from the start, when I do a screen recording and resize the recording area just like I did before, I get the inserted step by step recordings somewhere around 3/4 of the size of the full slide and there is no way of adjusting this in any way.

Any ideas how I can get my recordings to fill the slides like they did before I changed the story size? We have built our entire layout around having recordings filling the full slide since there was no way to adjust the screen capture size on the slides directly when using step-by-step insertion, so now having to change our whole layout AGAIN just because Storyline doesn't allow fitting a screen recording done in 16:9 but lower resolution to the story size of FullHD without the ability to upscale it loss-free that would mean delay in delivery of the finished modules and further impediments.


Please advise!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tim! Thanks for reaching out, and I'd like to make sure I'm understanding what's going on in your file.

It sounds like you created a new Storyline file with 1920x1080 as the story size. Then, you started a new screen recording, is that correct?

When you started the new screen recording, did you use 1920x1080 as the recording area dimensions?

Tim Ivanic

By the way, found a workaround: We now started a screen recording "vault" project where we do all our screen recordings in smaller size, then copy and past the slides/scenes into the projects that are in 1920x1080. This way, the size of the recording slides is adjusted to fill the whole 1920x1080 size slides. Stupid, but the only way to get it to work...

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