Screen Recording Sizes in Storyline

have been happily recording for a wee while now, becasue the screen size of what I was recording didn't change. Now the screens are all over the place and I am not sure how to sort this. I know that you can pre-determine the screen size within the Design tool, "if smaller scale to fit" etc. but this doesn't seem to be working for me. My biggest screen size is 1060 x 720 which changes to 625 x 515 and then 815 x 545. I have kept the screen at the biggest, but then my screens jump outside the recording area. Is the only way around this to pause the video each time the screen size changes and move it to the centre?

Thanks in advance

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janine!

It sounds like you're trying to record your screen, and the windows you are recording are all different sizes -- is that right?

I would set your recording area to the size of the largest window. When a new smaller window appears, click the Pause button on the control bar to pause the recording. While the recording is paused, resize the smaller window to fit inside the recording area, then click the Play button to resume recording.

I hope that makes sense, and let me know if you have any more questions!