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Jun 27, 2012

I have a question on inserting a scren recording with step by step slides in order to quiz employees. I want to quiz them on the steps of going through on of our Inventory Programs. But in the program there is typing involved and keying in numbers. Is it possible to capture this on the step by step slides?

I'm having trouble and it seems like when I convert a screen recording into step by step slides it doesn't capture my keyed in entries but only my mouse clicks. I tried going into the screen recording and back up the recording to right before I keyed in numbers but I must be doing something wrong because that didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Anna Porter

Hi Peter:

I'm having trouble with a screen recording project where I have a slide that requires the user to choose ctrl+A.  When I do a typical ctrl key then A key nothing happens except that the box that says "press control + A" disappears. If I press both keys at the same time I get the "try again" layer and when I press "continue" it hides that layer but again doesn't reset the screen with the box that says "press control + A".  There seems to be no way to get to the Correct layer that would help me advance to the next slide/step in the video. Help!

Anna Porter

Hi again, Peter.  I think I've uncovered more of the problem.  I've done these before where this kind of slide becomes a "quiz" slide and the answer is supposed to be submitted immediately when the user attempts a key combination.  But for some reason with this slide that action isn't happening.  The system is requiring the user to use the key combo and then to click the "submit" button.  With other screen recordings I've done this seems to work.  Any suggestions?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna! Peter has actually taken another position here at Articulate and does not have much of an opportunity to hop back in the forums. So, has your first post evolved into your second post...meaning that you now realize your key combination is working, but the Submit button has to be clicked additionally?

Can you share your .story file here in the forums or here privately so that we can have a look?

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