Screen Recording - Text Entry Screen is Blank

Aug 25, 2018

I am creating a simulation. The recording works OK except when I enter Text in an entry field (a name, for example).  When I Preview the scene the screen with the Text Entry is Blank.   Any ideas here?

Thanks All.

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Malcolm Reid

Hi ....Thanks for the reply. When I say blank, I mean that you cant see
the surrounding parts of the screen. In this step of the simulation, you
are required to enter a name (Dr. Jim Smit) in a cell within a spreadsheet.

You can enter the name, but you cant really see where it is in the
spreadsheet. I'm including the .story file.

The problem screen is the second screen in the simulation.

Thanks for any help.


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Malcolm Reid

I had to send it to you from my Gmail account ... corporate email could not
accommodate the file size. Please check to see if you received it via

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Malcolm,

As Alyssa mentioned above, replying via e-mail does not allow your attachments to come through to the forums.

If you click 'view' vs 'reply' in your e-mail, you should be brought directly to the forums where you will be able to directly attach your file to your forums response.

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