Screen Recording Try Mode Settings - Wish List - Storyline 2

Does anyone else ever want to adjust the screen recording settings so that you could manipulate with the Hint Captions appear?

For example, I always want my Hint Captions to appear about 4-5 seconds after the beginning of the slide vs. the default, which is popping up when the user hovers their mouse over the hotspot.

It would be a "nice-to-have" if these settings could be adjusted vs. having to edit every slide. When an interactive recording is 50-100 slides, this could take hours.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Bryan,

Really cool idea! Can you tell us more about how you'd like that to work in a feature request?

For now, try adding a trigger to the first slide to show the Hint Caption layer when the timeline reaches 4 seconds. Then copy that trigger, and paste it on the other Try Mode slides. Here's a video tutorial that demonstrates how to do that. 🙂