screen recording using SL?

Feb 24, 2014


I am a captivate devotee, but due to time constraints and hand over of development files to client, I have to do screen recordings using SL. I have seen a few demos, but am a bit unclear on:

1- Can I use callouts as I am doing it? Is this built-in or will I have to include this myself?

2- Does it emulate captivate in terms of creating simulations? 

3-Can I bring in the captivate screen-recording seamlessly and will it play nice with every output? Asking because of the flash output from captivate, yes it does have html as well, but I may need to apply some magic.

I really don't want to do this the hard way using images and using animation to emulate the effects.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kai,

I haven't used captivate, so I may not be the best one to answer all your questions, but:

1. If you're doing a screen recording in Storyline, the Video on a single slide mode will insert a video capture of exactly what you did, including the option to show a mouse cursor. If you insert as step by step slides, then some captions and hints will be generated to show the user what you clicked on or what to do next. More information on that is detailed here.  You could also add additional captions/callouts to the step by step slides. 

2. I'm not sure which element you're referring to here, but you may want to review this section of tutorials on recording/customizing screen recordings. 

3. You can insert captivate files into Storyline as described here.  Captivate content will not work in HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player. For a full comparison of Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, click here. (If you insert your Captivate movie as a web object, it'll work in HTML5 output that is viewed in Google Chrome or desktop Safari. However, it will not work in mobile Safari or the Articulate Mobile Player for iPad.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kai,

Step-by-step slides display only the action-related clips of your original screencast, and as a result, the recorded audio would not match up to the individual slides if it were included. Your audio will still be available in the original screen recording—in case you also want to insert it as a video on a single slide.

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