Screen Recordings

In your video tutorial on screen recording, you mention at the start that we can resize the recording area to make it larger (or smaller). 

* Do all the slides in a scene or course have to be the same size or can each page have a different size?

* Will the size of the video make every page of the course the same as the video, assuming this is the first slide of the course?

* Is it possible to open the video in a separate browser tab from the course or does it have to run on a course page?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deb,

Nancy is right - you'd have to have all the slides within a screen recording (step by step mode) as the same size. You can change the Story size, but the formatting of the video may not keep - so it's best to figure out what size you'd like to have throughout the whole course before you begin. If you're recording the video through Storyline, it'll have to live on a course page. If you'd recorded it somewhere else, or could save and upload it to a web server, you could include a link to the video to open it as a web object. Granted, Step by Step mode to allow the users to "Try it" would not work with that functionality. 

Hope that helps!