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Hi, Require a bit of user knowledge please. At the moment, I do my screen recording and pull it into View Me mode. I do my editing in there, and then when I am ready to pull in Try me mode, I am using Insert Screen recording again and it pulls through the unedited video. Is there anyway to Save the Edited View Me video and pull it into Try and Test me mode please?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janine,

When you make edits to a screen recording you've inserted as a step by step, those edits will only apply to that version. 

It sounds like you're hoping to have multiple copies of this screen recording using the View, Try and Test mode? You'll need to make the edits to each one.

I'm interested to hear from others in the community - what have you done to easily replicate edits from one screen recording to another?

Janine Watkins

Hi Ashley,

Thanks. I thought this was the case, just wanted to check in case I was wasting my time and there was a faster way. I have been making edits to the View Me mode and then maximizing the story size so when I import the next 2 modes I can quickly see which slides need deleted or amended.